NCR 5963 Wedge Touch Screen Parts Identification Manual

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  NCR 5963 Wedge Touch Screen Release 10 Parts Identification Manual B005-0000-1132Issue B Back to Main Menu   The product described in this book is a licensed product of NCR CorporationIt is the policy of NCR Corporation (NCR) to improve products as new technology, components, software,and firmware become available NCR, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without priornoticeAll features, functions, and operations described herein may not be marketed by NCR in all parts of theworld In some instances, photographs are of equipment prototypes Therefore, before using this document,consult with your NCR representative or NCR office for information that is applicable and currentTo maintain the quality of our publications, we need your comments on the accuracy, clarity, organization,and value of this bookAddress correspondence to:Manager, Information ProductsNCR Corporation2651 Satellite BlvdDuluth, GA 30096 Copyright © 1999By NCR CorporationDayton, Ohio USAAll Rights Reserved Revision Record IssueDateRemarks ANov 98First issueBFeb 99Added integrated display mount  5963 Wedge Touch Screen Parts Identification Manual1 NCR 16815 Table-Top Mount497-0412006Front Enclosure497-0412181Keylock Assembly(Includes Contrast Assembly):  ISO MSR 497-0411296  JIS MSR 497-0411297  No MSR 497-0411295Cable Cover497-0411780Thumb Screw006-8601865 16814 Table-Top Mount497-0412006Cover (No Display)497-0411782Knob497-0411784