NCR 5942 LCD Parts Identification Manual

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Download NCR 5942 LCD Parts Identification Manual
  NCR   5964   121 ‐ inch   Touch   LCD   Parts   Identification   Manual   B005 ‐ 0000 ‐ 1461   Issue   G   Back to Main Menu     Revision Record Issue Date Remarks A    June   2002   First   issue   B   Aug   2003   Added   Stereo   Speaker   Kit     Cable   C   Dec   2003   Added   Charcoal   Gray   parts;   new   table ‐ top   mount   E   Oct   2004   Added   Dual   Top   Light   LCD   model   (Dual ‐ Bulb   model   replacement)   F   May   2006   Added   RoHS   models   G    July   2006   Added   Display   Swivel   Mount   to   K022     K023      Chapter 1: Introduction RoHS Compliant The   following   RealPOS   5964   121”   models   are   RoHS   (Restrictions   of   Hazardous   Substances)   compliant   •   5964 ‐ 65xx   •   5964 ‐ 67xx   Only   RoHS   compliant   parts   can    be   used   in   these   models   RoHS   and   Non ‐ RoHS   parts   are   located   in   separate   chapters   in   this   manual:   •   Chapter   2:   RoHS   Models   •   Chapter   3:   Non ‐ RoHS   Models