Das Semantische Daten Web für Unternehmen

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1Das SemantischeDaten Web für UnternehmenVision, Technologie, Anwendungen Sören Auer Forschungsgruppe AKSW 2 Warum Semantic Web? Problem: Try to search for these things on the current Web: Apartments near German-Russian bilingual childcare in Leipzig ERP service providers with offices in Vienna and London Researchers working on multimedia topics in Eastern Europe Informationis available on the Web, but opaque to current Web search Solution: complement text on Web pages with structured linked open data intelligently combine/integrate such structured information from different sources: Search engine HTML HTML RDF RDF Web server Web server Web server Web server leipzigde Has everything about childcare in Potsdam Immobilienscoutde Knows all about real estate offers in Germany DB DB 3 Vom Web derDokumentezumSemantic Data Web Semantic Web(Vision 1998, starting ???) Reasoning 4 Logic, Rules 5 Trust Data Web (since 2006) URI de-referencability 6 Web Data integration 7 RDF serializations Social Web (since 2003) Folksonomies/Tagging 8 Reputation, sharing 9 Groups, relationships Web (since 1992) HTTP 10 HTML/CSS/JavaScript