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  1a 1b1c 1d 2a2b2c 3a3b S/NWork activityHazard Possible Accident/ Ill health to persons, fire or property lossSeverityLikelihoodRPN*Additional Risk Control MeasuresRemarks D1Design Errors and OmissionsDelay in construction and installation of equipment4312Design Review by Lead Engineers in all DisciplinesD2Failure to carry out the works in accordance with the contractConstruction Deadline Extension339Carefully Review of Contract Terms, engage more people and equipmentEX1Laws and local standards changeInterruption in construction313Constant review of standards and laws by QM EngineerEX2Climate ConditionsDelay in Tasks, Impact on Health of Personnel4312Planning Tasks and Deadlines according to Climate ConditionsEX3Tax changeBudget Overruns414Include this in ContractEX4ContractingLong Delays in Contract Negotiations or AwardDelay of Construction4416Move Construction DeadlineEN1Environmental analysis incompleteDelay in Permit Obtaining428Engage local expertsEN2Laws and environmental standards changeDelay in Permit Obtaining313Constant review of standards and laws by QM EngineerEN3New alternatives required to avoid, mitigate or minimize environmental impactDelay in Permit Obtaining428Engage local expertsO1Inexperienced workforce and staff turnoverSkill shortage339Conduct technical training or workshop to increase local workforce skill and knowledgeO2Lack of protection on a construction siteIncidents and Accidents - Labour and Equipment212HSEQ Weekly Supervising and HSEQ Training of PersonnelO3ProcurementDelayed deliveriesDelay in Installation of Equipment 339Choosing Local Vendor with Short Delivery TimeO4CommissioningDelayed commissioningDelay in completing of all parts of line428Choosing Competent Working Commission and Project Control EngineerPM1Project Quality ControlFailure to comply with contractual quality requirementsAccidents with equipment339Continuous Quality Control of all Project Activities and AssetsPM2Scheduling and PlanningScheduling errors, contractor delaysAccidents with personnel in attempt to perform tasks faster428Planning Carefully, Engage more workers for some activitiesPM3Choosing Project TeamProject team conflictAccidents with personnel and assets326Carefully choose personnel, Team Building ActivitiesR1Obtain Required Design PermitsExpired temporary construction permitsStop of construction work by regulatory bodies414Continuous control of all permits and regulatory acts and promptly react to any changeR2Engineering, Construction Related Engineering and Adaptation of the drawingsContradictions in the construction documentsDelay in construction works, possible property losses4312Review of all design drawings by Design Supervisor and Correction of all contradictions, as well as all calculationsC1Construction cost overrunsBudget Overruns4416Cost Control Engineer Day-to-Day tracking of all Site Costs and On-Time warning of possible Budget OverrunsC2Technology changesProject Late, Budget Overruns428Choosing latest technology before construction start, if client change technology during construction, insist on Scope of Change and Changing Schedule and BudgetConstructionConstruction PROJECT MANAGEMENT RISKSRIGHT OF WAY RISKSCONSTRUCTION RISKS Project DesignConstructionObtain Environment Emission Permit Risk AssessmentRisk Control DESIGN RISKSEXTERNAL RISKSENVIRONMENTAL RISKSORGANIZATIONAL RISKS *RPN - Risk Prioritization Number RISK ASSESSMENT PLAN Department Exact Location Of The Work Performed:  Project / Work Description: Risk Assessment Team (Name/s): Approved By Supervisor / Reporting Officer: (Name, Date Signature)Date Conducted: Next Review Date: Hazard Identification