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When you plan to start a business in Dubai?, there are certain things you need to familiarize with, of which trademark registration is the most important one and here are some valuable points to help you with getting your trademark registered in Dubai For more details : http://bitly/lmtrademark - PowerPoint PPT Presentation
How To Register Trademark In Dubai? Though choosing a company name, designing an appealing logo and the registration process of the company name are all part of the business initiation procedure, trademark registration forms an inevitable part of the company forming process, all over the globe Starting a Business in Dubai When you plan to start a business, a closer look at the market and you will realize you are not alone in the respective trade Sole ownership Global ownership rights Stops other traders from adopting the same Adds value to your brand Business Setup in Dubai Steps to Register Trademark in Dubai Powered by wwwlegalmaximscom Mob:+971 50 5093 949 Email: maillegalmaximscom