The effect of feed-borne Fusarium mycotoxins on reproductive

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Fusarium mycotoxins on reproductive efficiency in dairy cows, sows and broiler breeders DrKedar Karki Background: Mycotoxins are fungal metabolites that can reduce performance and alter metabolism of livestock and poultry (Wannemacher et al, 1991) The pathological states arising from the consumption of feeds contaminated with mycotoxins are referred to as mycotoxicoses  Background:  Mycotoxins can be formed in the field preharvest and may continue to be formed under suboptimal storag
    reproductive efficiency indairy cows, sows andbroiler breeders DrKedar Karki    Background:  Mycotoxins are fungalmetabolites that can reduceperformance and altermetabolism of livestock andpoultry (Wannemacher et al,1991) The pathological statesarising from the consumptionof feeds contaminated withmycotoxins are referred to asmcotoxicoses    Background:  Mycotoxins can be formed in thefield preharvest and may continueto be formed under suboptimalstorage conditions post-harvestHigh moisture content oftenpredisposes feedstuffs to fungalgrowth and mycotoxin formation Temperature is another key factor