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1 Tableau Online Training 2 About us:About us: Smart Mind Online Training following a succeeding career in IT sector Smart MindOnline is a global leading IT Training provider We specialized in providing OnlineTraining services on hadoop, java, oracle and sap all modules We teach studentsand train them for IT profession Also, we will provide job support by ITprofessionals for job Smart Mind Online Training offers Virtual room coaching as a accomplished andefficient to site-based and sophistication Online Training Virtual class room couldbe a web-based setting that enables you to participate in live coaching events whilenot the necessity to travel Our Passion is to teach every student in real time Smart Mind Online Training is an IT Solutions company specializing in customsoftware development, IT Training and development courses Smart Mind OnlineTraining provides best Training including web application development, andsoftware development Training We work to conceptualize and realize, Sapapplication development Our Online web services include custom development,We offer Corporate and Individual Trainings on the following skills like Hadoop,Java, Oracle, Dotnet, Data warehouse, Sap Modules, etc 3 Tableau Online Training concept Introduction and Overview Getting Started Analysis Getting Started with Calculated Fields Formatting Building Interactive Dashboard Sharing Workbooks Putting it all together 4  Introduction and Overview Why Tableau? Why Visualization? Level Setting – Terminology Getting Started – creating some powerfulvisualizations quickly The Tableau Product Line Things you should know about Tableau 5  Getting Started Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept Working with data files versus database server Understanding the Tableau workspace Dimensions and Measures Using Show Me! Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work) Building Basic Views Help Menu and SamplesSaving and sharing your work 6 Analysis Creating Views Marks Size and Transparency Highlighting Working with Dates Date aggregations and date parts Discrete versus Continuous Dual Axis / Multiple Measures Combo Charts with different mark types Geographic Map Page Trails Heat Map Density Chart Scatter Plots Pie Charts and Bar Charts Small Multiples Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data 7 Smart Mind Online Training Abilities Online Training supported specific desires of thelearners particularly we arae going to offer innovative one to at leastone category that nice opportunities within the present IT market Weprovide corporate course to challenge today’s competitive IT worldLearners will grasp the technology-subject fromour extremely skilled certified trainers which is able to be servingto the Students to figure in real time projectsLearners will select either regular course or weekendcoaching categories We are the one in the entire highest leadingTableau Online Training provider from India 8 Contact us: Contact us: India:+91 9949599844 USA:+1-347-606-2716 contactsmartmindonlinetrainingcom 9 Thank you