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          R        T        D      s salesomegacouk +44 (0)161 777 6611 Waterproof, Flexible Moulded   RTD Surface Temperature Sensors Moisture Protection to IP67 StandardTemperature Range: -30 to 150ºCPrecision 100 , Class “A” DIN Platinum ElementSensors Have Adhesive Back for Easy MountingStripped Leads Standard, ConnectorOptions AvailableStarts at £ 32 To Order (Specify Model Number)  ecirPhtgneLeriWseriWforebmuNecnatsiseRrebmuNledoM SA2C-RTD-3-100-A-1M-IP67 100, Class “A” DIN Platinum41 m £32SA2C-RTD-3-100-A-2M-IP67 100, Class “A” DIN Platinum42 m 34SA2C-RTD-3-100-A-3M-IP67 100, Class “A” DIN Platinum43 m 36 Options:  For longer cable lengths, change “3M”  in model number to length needed and add £2  per metre to the price For 4-PIN mini DIN connector add “-MDIN4” to model number and add £8 to price Ordering Example: SA2C-RTD-3-100-A-2M-IP67-MDIN4, 4-wire 100 , Class “A” element, 2M of lead wire 4-pin mini DIN plug, £42 15 mm50mm7/016 mmstranded nickel-plated copper,Silicon insulatedcable, 1 m long standard C us t o m  C a b l e  Le ngt hs  a nd  P a d  S ha pe s  Av a i l a b l e  SA2C-RTD-3-100-A-1M-IP67,£32, shown smaller than actual sizeSA2C-RTD-3-100-A-1M-IP67, £32,shown smaller than actual size I P 6 7  Tel: SA2C-CT-RTD, self-adhesive cable ties, £450/pack of 51 hour after application to a clean, dry surface the sensors and adhesivewill resist moisture to IP67 SA2C-CT-RTD Pack of 5 self-adhesive cable ties 450           R re Protection to IP67 Standardrature Range: -30 to 150ºCion 100 , Class “A” DIN m ElementSensors Have Adhesive Backfor Easy MountingStripped Leads Standard, ConnectorOptions Aailabeat 0 -3-100-A-2M-IP67ecr3tgnee   r  m s   rore   muentsse   0, Class “A” DIN Platinu re-3-100-A-1M-IP67 (Specify Model Number)  , lass “A” DIN Platinum m --1-A-M-IP7 , Class “A” DIN Platinum m 5 mm0mm/016 mmtranded nickel-plated copper,ilicon insulatedcable, 1 mlong standard C us t o m  C a b l e  e ngt s  a n P a d  S ha pe s  Av a i l a b l e  A2C-RTD-3-100-A-1M-IP67, £32,hown smaller than actual sizefter application to a clean, ace the sensors and adhesivest mosture to IP67 TD ack of self-adhesive cable ties                           More than 100,000 Products Available!            Calibrators, Connectors, General Test and MeasurementInstruments, Handheld Instruments for TemperatureMeasurement, Ice Point References, Indicating Labels,Crayons, Cements and Lacquers, Infrared TemperatureMeasurement Instruments, Recorders, Relative HumidityMeasurement Instruments, PT100 Probes, PT100 Elements, Temperature Process Meters, Timers and Counters, Temperature and Process Controllers and Power SwitchingDevices, Thermistor Elements, Probes and Assemblies, Thermocouples, Thermowells and Head and WellAssemblies, Transmitters, Thermocouple Wire, RTD Probes    Displacement Transducers, Dynamic Measurement ForceSensors, Instrumentation for Pressure and StrainMeasurements, Load Cells, Pressure Gauges, PressureReference Section, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transducers,Proximity Transducers, Regulators, Pressure Transmitters,Strain Gauges, Torque Transducers, Valves    Conductivity Instrumentation, Dissolved OxygenInstrumentation, Environmental Instrumentation, pHElectrodes and Instruments, Water and Soil AnalysisInstrumentation  Band Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Circulation Heaters,Comfort Heaters, Controllers,Meters and SwitchingDevices, Flexible Heaters, GeneralTest and MeasurementInstruments, Heater Hook-upWire, Heating CableSystems, Immersion Heaters, Process Air and Duct,Heaters, Radiant Heaters, Strip Heaters, Tubular Heaters    AirVelocity Indicators, Doppler Flowmeters, LevelMeasurement, Magnetic Flowmeters, Mass Flowmeters,PitotTubes, Pumps,Rotameters,Turbine and PaddleWheelFlowmeters, Ultrasonic Flowmeters, Valves,Variable AreaFlowmeters, Vortex Shedding Flowmeters   Communication Products and Converters, DataAcquisition and Analysis Software, Data LoggersPlug-in Cards, Signal Conditioners, USB,RS232,RS485,and Parallel Port Data Acquisition Systems, Transmitters and Receivers               EhernetWireless