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    Although Rob has areas of improvement, his colleagues still appreciate his abilities “ Inconsistent moods can impact his responses and judgments When Rob controls above issues, he can be an even more successful contributor to our eorts I like Rob, and enjoy working with himwhen he’s in his calm  professional moments ”  5 Morgan Stanley may be stereotyped as only recruiting certain types of employees Would the frm rather hae guys that went to the right school, that say the right things , or a guy like me, who’s a little rough around the edges!” “We would not like to ma"imi#e it at the e"pense o our culture, teamwork, and integrity o the process” Rob Parson  6 Rob will have more chance to divulge his nowledge and delegate the wor Rob needs to work on a number of areas in order to more ully contribute to the %irm, so that management and interpersonal skills are very dicult to work for or with Rob may be pulled in too many directions e has many projects and  pitches underway at the same time which could be detrimental