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  UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURTDISTRICT OF CONNECTICUTSECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION,Plaintiff,vFRANCISCO ILLARRAMENDI, HIGHVIEWPOINT PARTNERS, LLC and MICHAEL KENWOOD CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC,DefendantsCASE NO: 11-CV-00078 (JBA)ECF CASEand HIGHVIEW POINT MASTER FUND, LTD, HIGHVIEW POINT OFFSHORE, LTD, HIGHVIEWPOINT LP, MICHAEL KENWOOD ASSET MANAGEMENT, LLC, MK ENERGY AND INFRASTRUCTURE, LLC, and MKEI SOLAR, LP,Relief Defendants RECEIVER’S DISTRIBUTION PLAN Dated:September 16, 2014 Case 3:11-cv-00078-JBA Document 905-1 Filed 09/16/14 Page 1 of 27  TABLE OF CONTENTSPage -i- I DEFINITIONS AND RULES OF INTERPRETATION1 11Definitions112Rules of Interpretation4 II CLASSIFICATION AND TREATMENT OF CLAIMS AGAINST THE RECEIVERSHIP ENTITIES5 21Classification of Claims Generally522Classes5221Class 1: Administrative Claim5222Class 2: Tax Claim5223Class 3: Convenience Class Claim6224Class 4: General Unsecured Claim6225Class 4A: In-Kind Contribution Claim6226Class 5: Subordinated Claim7 III MEANS OF IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PLAN7 31Consolidation of Receivership Entities’ Assetsand Liabilities7311Use of Proceeds7312Reserve Fund732Plan Settlement733Cancellation of Securities and Agreements834Effectuating Documents; Further Transactions835Preservation of Causes of Action8 IV METHOD OF DISTRIBUTIONS UNDER THE PLAN8 41Distributions842Distributions Made Exclusively to Original Claimant943Procedure for Distributions9431Initial Distribution9432Distributions on Subsequent Distribution Dates9433Distributions on Final Distribution Date9434Objections to Distribution Motions10435Division of Claims Into Multiple Classes1044Remnant Assets1045Cash Payments1046Delivery of Distributions1047Minimum Cash Distributions1048Withholding Taxes1049Unclaimed Property10410Forfeited Property10411No Distributions Pending Allowance11412No Interest on Claims11 V EFFECT OF APPROVAL OF THE PLAN11 51Satisfaction of Claims Against the Receivership Entities11 Case 3:11-cv-00078-JBA Document 905-1 Filed 09/16/14 Page 2 of 27  TABLE OF CONTENTS(continued)Page -ii-52Releases1153Binding Effect1154Receivership Order Not Superseded1155SEC Actions Unaffected By Plan12 VI MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS12 61Amendment or Modification of Plan1262Governing Law1263Notices1264No Admissions1265Exhibits12   Case 3:11-cv-00078-JBA Document 905-1 Filed 09/16/14 Page 3 of 27