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     THE KING STAG   by Carlo Gozzi adapted by Shelley Berc and Andrei Belgrader Rehearsal Draft Seattle Repertory    2 CHARACTERS CIGOLOTTI, Servant to the Great Magician Durandarte DURANDARTE , the Great Magician Durandarte, for a while a Parrot  TARTAGLIA CLARICE  ANGELA KING DERAMO PANTALONE LEANDRO BRIGHELLA SMERALDINA  TRUFFALDINO MAGIC STATUE GUARDS  A BEAR    3  ACT ONE   SCENE 1 / Prologue  THE TOWN SQUARE OF THE KINGDOM OF SERENDIPPO CIGOLOTTI ENTERS, CARRYING A HUGE PARROT IN A CAGE CIGOLOTTI Hello, everybody Welcome to the Kingdom Of Serendippo You’re gonna love it here--nice  weather, great people, good food, lots of things to do Our streets are not paved with gold, but we all seem to manage somehow I’d love to stick around and show you the sights but I gotta go Today I have to take my master, the great magician Durandarte, to the deep dark forest of Ronscislappe Then I’m gonna open the cage and But you don’t know what I am talking about, right? A few years ago, we had some trouble here in Serendippo, my master the great magician had a quarrel with an even greater great magician and he turned my master into a big, green parrot Not for forever--just for five years Which is why I’m here The five years are up today My name is Cigolotti (HE GOES AND SHAKES HANDS IN THE AUDIENCE, REPEATING OVER AND OVER “CIGOLOTTI,  VERY HAPPY TO MEET YOU” ) Oh, you may have noticed I’m not from around here I’m Italian But getting back to my story So, I, Cigolotti, will take the great magician Durandarte, for the moment a parrot, to the deep dark forest of Roncislappe And then I  will set him free Oh, I forgot to tell you--I am the servant of the great magician Durandarte  What a job Mama Mia! Especially since he’s been a parrot PARROT Shut up and tell the story