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  HP 3PAR CLI command listshowalert - show status of system alertsshowauthparam - show authentication parametersshowbattery - show battery status informationshowblock - show block mapping info for vvs, lds, pdsshowcage - show disk cage informationshowcim - show the CIM server informationshowclienv - show CLI environment parametersshowcpg - show Common Provisioning Groups (CPGs)showdate - show date and time on all system nodesshowdomain - show domains in the systemshowdomainset - show sets of domains in the systemshoweeprom - show node eeprom informationshoweventlog - show event logsshowfirmwaredb - show current database of firmware levelsshowhost - show host and host path informationshowhostset - show sets of hosts in the systemshowinventory - show hardware inventoryshowiscsisession - show iscsi sessionsshowld - show logical disks (LDs) in the systemshowldch - show LD to PD chunklet mappingshowldmap - show LD to VV mappingshowlicense - show installed license keyshownet - show network configuration and statusshownode - show node and its component informationshownodeenv - show node environmental status (voltages,temperatures)showpatch - show what patches have been applied to the systemshowpd - show physical disks (PDs) in the systemshowpdata - show preserved data statusshowpdch - show status of selected chunklets of physical disksshowpdvv - show PD to VV mappingshowport - show Fibre Channel and iSCSI ports in the systemshowportarp - show ARP table for portsshowportdev - show detailed information about devices on a Fibre Channel portshowportisns - show iSNS host information for portsshowportlesb - show Link Error Status Block information about devices on Fibre Channel port showrcopy - show remote copy configuration informationshowrctransport - show information about end-to-end transport for remote copy showrsv - show information about reservation and registration of VLUNs connected on a Fibre Channel portshowsched - show scheduled tasks in the systemshowsnmppw - shows SNMP access passwordsshowsnmpmgr - show SNMP trap managersshowspace - show estimated free spaceshowspare - show information about spare and relocated chunkletsshowsshkey - show ssh public keys authorized by the current usershowsys - show system information (system name, serial number etc)showsysmgr - show system manager startup stateshowtarget - show unrecognized targetsshowtask - show information about tasksshowtemplate - show templatesshowtoc - show system Table of Contents (TOC) summaryshowtocgen - show system Table of Contents (TOC) generation numbershowuser - show user accounts and SSH keysshowuseracl - show user access control listshowuserconn - show user connectionsshowversion - show software versions  showvlun - show virtual LUNs (VLUNs) in the systemshowvv - show virtual volumes (VVs) in the systemshowvvmap - show VV to LD mappingshowvvpd - show VV distribution across PDsshowvvset - show sets of VVs in the systemcheckhealth - perform checks to determine overall state of the systemcheckpassword - display authentication and authorization detailscheckport - perform loopback test on fc portscheckpd - perform surface scan or diagnostics on physical diskscheckld - perform validity checks of data on logical diskscheckvv - perform validity checks of virtual volume administrative information