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  Finite Element Analysis Using SolidWorks Simulation Part - 2 S VinothKumar Sr Application Engineer - Simulation  Static Analysis using shell mesh for a Rectangular Shaped Part • In part -1, we have seen that how a part can be analyzed as a solid element model and here in now we will be analyzing the same component as a shell element model • The shell models can be used for the thin components whereas, the thickness will be very less compare to the length or width of it • Shell elements will be used wherein places like of component having uniform thickness  • Shell elements can be created by using the surface bodies Even with the use of existing solid bodies, the shell elements can be created • In the simulation tree right click on the component and select the “Define  shell by selected faces”  options • Following to this you will get a shell definition dialogue box as shown in the next image Static Analysis using shell mesh for a Rectangular Shaped Part